terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2007

The Dwek International Registry

The Dwek International Registry has been developed to determine where Dwek families have migrated and where they live throughout the world today. Thousands of dollars and months of effort were required in order to provide you with this valuable information.

In Geat Britain, including England, Scotland, and Wales, researchers were required to search through more than 22 million households representing more than 56 million people living in 88 politically-administered countries. In Northern Ireland, approximately 26.8 million people in 10 provinces and 2 territories had to be researched. In Australia, researchers were required to search through over 5.5 million households representing more than 17.5 million people in 6 states and 2 territories; and in New Zealand, over 1 million households representing over 3.5 million people. Unbelievably in the United States, 82 million households representing more than 252.8 million Americans in 50 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia were carefully reviewed to find as many Dwek families as possible. The number of household searched in the Republic of Ireland comprised 3.5 million records citizens living in 26 countries. Over 24 million household records in the 11 western state of Federal Republic of Germany were searches, while we continue to gather this information for the recently reunified eastern states. In Austria, approximately 3 million households representing 7.5 million people in 9 states were researched. Over 2.6 million households representing 6.8 million people in the 26 kantons of Switzerland were researched. In France 20.7 million households with a population exceeding 56,304,000 people living in 22 regions were researched to provide you the information in this book. In the Netherlands over 5.6 million household records representing 14.8 million people in the 12 provinces were researched. In South Africa it is estimated that our research covered over 14 million households representaing over 35 million people living in 4 provinces. In Spain, approximately 10 million households representing 39 million people living in 50 provinces were researched. Over 19 million household records representing 58 million people linving in 95 provinces were searched in Italy.

The Dwek International Registry can provide you with an invaluable genealogical research aid and should help you get started pursuing which of the 120 Dwek families could be related to you in the countries searched. You might begin by writing to Dwek individuals in the country, state, province, territory or kanton where your own family heritage research leads you. Frequently you´ll learn a great deal from the responses you´ll receive. It may even lead you to discover a missing or lost family member.

Certain surnames have no families or individuals listed in one or more of the countries searched. This may be surprising to you; however, this information is quite valuable since it tells you that your search need not be pursued in that country.

It is our policy to preserve the rights of individuals requesting privacy. In complying, we have removed their names and addresses from the Dwek International Registry.

We´re pleased that we can provide you with the following Registry and informative statistical data for your family research. When you wish to find a specific household in the Dwek international Registry, you will find the name and address listed by country.